Women's Health Specialists of Frederick


Women’s Health Specialists of Frederick opened its doors in 2004, with the goal of providing high quality gynecologic care and gynecologic surgery for women.

Founded by Janet Parnes, MD, the practice has grown to include two gynecologists and a nurse practitioner.

Our providers include three women who are dedicated to providing caring and compassionate medical services to women in the community---

“Women Caring for Women”

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Colposcopy is a microscopic examination of the cervix used to diagnose potential abnormalities of the cervix and vagina. An abnormal Pap smear is the most common reason for needing a colposcopic evaluation. During the procedure a stain or chemical agent may be placed on the cervix or vagina to improve visualization. If an abnormal area is seen, a biopsy may be taken. The whole procedure typically takes about 15 minutes. Biopsy results may take 1-2 weeks to return to the office after evaluation in the laboratory. Colposcopy is sometimes associated with mild cramping and minimal bleeding.

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